The Heart of the Woods

The Art and Craft of Chainsaw Carving

Bears, big and small, short and tall

Fox, fowl, fish and friends


Stacks of Totems

Eagle for top of totem

The eagle was carved first and is 4 feet tall.  The scalloped chest design and 6 foot wing crosspiece were added after this picture was taken.

Bear base

The bear, also 4 feet tall was carved into the base.  The back of the bear was styled into a vertical salmon.

Eight foot tall white pine totem

The final carving is owned by Matt Heading and is mounted in Tomahawk, WI.


Deacon Bench ('The Storyteller')generously commissioned and donated by the Tony Skubal family to the Rhinelander, Wisconsin Logging Museum in 2014.

Samoset Council Eagle, in Weston, Wisconsin.

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